Elite offers full service commercial snow plowing, salting and ice control, and snow blowing and shoveling services. We will work together to develop a snow service plan to meet the needs of your property.

Snow Plowing
Typically, plow service begins when accumulations reach one (1) inch, depending on the customer’s preference. During extreme winter conditions, it may be necessary to plow your property more than once.

We offer different pricing structures that are flexible to the needs of the customer. These include per push and seasonal contracts. Give us a call and we will customize a proposal for you.

Salting and Ice Control
Entrances, emergency exits, walkways, stairs and loading and unloading areas all require additional attention during winter. Even with the most aggressive plowing plans, compacted snow will turn to ice. Keep employees and customers safe with a salting schedule to meet your needs.

Snow Blowing and Shoveling
Do you have long walk-ways, delicate landscaping, or areas not accessible with a snow plow? We can respond to these specific needs by offering snow blowing and shoveling services.

 Snow Services Equipment
Other Special Services Include:

  • Loader and Skid Steer Work
  • Ice Removal
  • Snow Hauling & Removal
  • Customized Service Contracts

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